Project Name: Around the World in 6Dias

Project Code: NORTH-02-0752-FEDER-071395

Main Objective: Strengthening the competitiveness of SMEs

Intervention Region: Trofa

Beneficiary Entity: 6Dias – Têxteis Internacionais, Lda.

Approval Date: 23-12-2020

Start Date: 23-06-2021

Completion Date: 22-06-2023

Total Eligible Cost: €542,575.00

Financial Support from the European Union: FEDER – €244,158.75

Project Description:

The internationalization strengthening project of 6Dias consists of 5 blocks:

  1. Development of communication tools (physical and digital)

To showcase the new fabrics produced internally and their distinctive characteristics, 6Dias will act on two fronts: in physical communication through catalogs and brochures, and in digital communication through changes on its website and presence on social networks.

  • Brand positioning and design

In support of the new promotional material, a brand positioning study (concept and identity) will be conducted, along with an investment in design services for each new product line.

  • Extended program of international prospecting and promotion

This program aims to target specific market segments, leverage the potential of target markets, and enhance penetration/growth within them.

In an initial phase, for selected new markets, the company plans to invest in market studies that identify contacts of potential partners.

Subsequently, specialized prospecting consultancy services will be engaged (in the new markets and in others where the company already operates) to define concrete opportunities and the best approach to these markets.

Throughout the 2 years of the project, prospecting trips will also be carried out to several selected markets.

  • Participation in internationally renowned textile sector fairs

6Dias plans to participate, with its own booth, in 8 editions of 2 internationally recognized events in the textile sector.

These initiatives aim to introduce the services and products of 6Dias to potential agents, potential customers, and opinion makers, and to generate international visibility and recognition. The selection of fairs in which the promoter intends to participate was made considering the very positive results achieved in previous editions where the company was present, as part of the recently concluded Internationalization project.

These actions are complemented by participation in other fairs in collaboration with an association from the Portuguese textile industry.

Organic production and recycled material certifications for the company’s products. Given the current emphasis on sustainability, 6Dias intends to invest in certifications for organic production and the use of recycled materials in its products, which are preferred conditions for the selection of suppliers by major international players in the fashion sector.

Key company objectives for the coming years:

• Increase the total Turnover;

• Strengthen presence in foreign markets, increasing international Turnover directly;

• Enhance international visibility;

• Increase and consolidate EBITDA levels.