Project NameQualify in 6Dias

Project CodeNORTE-02-0853-FEDER-041314

Main ObjectiveReinforcing the competitiveness of SMEs

Region of InterventionTrofa

Beneficiary Entity6Dias – Têxteis Internacionais, Lda.

Date of Approval2019-04-18

Start Date: 2019-04-23

Completion Date2021-04-22

Total elegible cost873.371,00€

Financial support from the European Union393.016,95€ (FEDER)

Project Description

Today, 6Dias is proud to present in their client portfolio, in addition to many others, Sacoor Brothers (Portugal), Uterqüe (Spain), Salsa (Portugal), the various brands of the Spanish Group Inditex, Chloé (France), Armani (Italy), Hugo Boss (Germany) and Kenzo (France).

As a result of its exemplary performance in this sector, the management team has been approached and encouraged by the largest customers to extend their operations in the value chain, also endogenizing the stages of production and transformation / finishing of fabrics.

In this context, 6Dias is preparing to embrace this new challenge, proposing to invest in a highly innovative and differentiated fabric production and finishing unit, in order to respond to the most demanding challenges of its customers.

Aware that immaterial factors are decisive for the success of the operation, in addition to having outlined its productive investment plan in detail, it also prepared an ambitious investment to qualify in the remaining dynamic factors of competitiveness.

SMART goals

• Increase the Business Volume;

• Reinforce operations in foreign markets, increasing direct international Turnover

• Increase brand awareness abroad;

• Increase EBITDA levels.