6Dias was founded in August 2006, as a result of the dedication and experience in the textile sector of Mr. Carlos Dias, the sole managing partner of the company.

     At the end of that year, Engª. Patrícia Dias with a degree in Textile Engineering and already with some commercial experience, joins her father’s business in order to grow the company.

     In a short period of time this growth was notorious, and as a result of this expansion, Mr. Carlos Dias felt that it would be the right time for his daughter to take over the company. In 2010 Eng. Hélder Dias joined the company staff with academic training in Agronomic Engineering, where he assumed the operational part (purchasing and planning) and logistics in an exemplary manner.

     In February 2019, in order to advance to the production area so they could improve service to customers, 6Dias – Têxteis Internacionais, Lda. acquired the dyeing of the old  company Tempo de Tendências and in August of the same year the weaving machines of the same company.

    Currently, the company is installed in a 4 floors building with 3,000 m2. The facilities were designed to provide the best working conditions, with ample spaces for offices, storage, showrooms, thus increasing the satisfaction of employees, suppliers and customers. Work is also beginning on the weaving facilities of old company Tempo de Tendências.

      6Dias presents a list of national and international customers with high significance for the Portuguese economy, exporting to European reference customers in the fashion world located in countries such as Spain, Germany and France, as well as countries with textile tradition and outside Europe like Morocco and Tunisia. A differentiating aspect of the company is the focus of its attention on client needs, offering, in addition to the fixed catalog, custom work based on the specifics required by the client.

     6Dias sells various textile products such as: Fabrics, Lace, Meltons, fake leathers, Antelines, Knitting, meshes and Denim. However, it´s the fabrics with polyester and viscose on their composition and destined for the women’s clothing market that represent the highest sales volume. The quality of products and services are the result of human and technical capabilities which are recognized over the years by our Customers. Total customer satisfaction and recognition of market needs is the basis of business success.

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